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Commission Disclosure

There are two type of earning model which exists in Indian Mutual Fund industry :

  1. One who charges fees and sells the fund under Direct option

  2. Another who earns commission from the MF company and do not charge fees from clients.


We work under the model NO.-2 ;

                                                       we strongly believe that it is always honest to tell your clients what will you charge - Directly or Indirectly, instead of putting it under flexible mode! In order to provide a comfort to our clients in terms of our commission range being offered by various Mutual Funds under various categories. And one must know that there is a special CAP of expense to be charged by any MF company under each category.


Still want to know more about our commission and want to measure its worth vis- a vis our services ?

Just E mail us at or call us at +91-9889188487

AMFI Registration No. 100251
EUIN contact No. E121094
EUIN Name : Om Prakash Vishwakarma

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